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As our program continues to expand to
better meet the needs of our current
and future riders, we need to add a
couple of new faces to our herd.
Horses are the backbone of our
program. Please consider making a
donation to help purchase new horses.
Your donation can help change the life
of a rider! A tax deductible donation
can be made by either clicking the
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Paradise Equestrian Therapy Center
18146 E Co. Rd. 750 N
Charleston, IL 61920
Breed: Quarter Horse
Previous Experience: Barrel Racing
Fun Fact: I'm named after a
motorcycle and I am Penny's pet!
Groot: -
Breed: Clydesdale
Previous Experience: Rescue- Retired
carriage/riding draft horse
Fun Fact:  I am named after a
character in the movie Guardians of
the Galaxy because I'm a gentle giant!
Buttons and Dolly:
Breed: Mini Horse
Fun Fact: They are the smallest horses
we have! They should mature close to
30 inches
Breed: Haflinger Pony
Previous Experience: Kids Pony
Fun Fact: I'm a draft pony that is broke
to ride and drive. Everyone loves my
quirky personality!
From time to time P.E.T retires some of our favorite horses. Tiffany, Oreo, Cyrus, and Rudy have gone into
retirement to enjoy green pastures and well deserved time off. We will miss them, but we wish them well in their new
Good horses are
hard to find and
often expensive so,
Breed: Clydesdale-Quarter Horse Cross
Previous Experience: trail riding
Fun Fact:  I am the baby of the group! I am making great progress in my training
and am looking promising to being a great therapy horse!
Breed: Percheron
Previous Experience: Therapy/ Fox Hunting
Fun Fact: Is a draft horse and has quickly
become one of everybodies favorites.